Saturday, June 11, 2011


Time for another fail post! If you have not done so already please follow my blog for more fail! updates ---- >

Right now the big fail seems to be the highly favored Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. I don't know of anyone who picked the Dallas Mavricks to win the series and yet there sitting on top of it 3-2 in the best of 7! Go Mavs GO!  That's my fail rant for now. if you have any fail things to talk about go ahead and hit me up or comment below and ill see if it's worth ranting aboot.

Heres the random picture just for yall...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome to The Fail Blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! This blog is going to be about all things fail. I will update this blog a few times a week so make sure you follow if you want to see the latest fail videos and photos! Here I have the very first fail photo! I thought this was funny and nasty...